Energy storage system battery

Energy storage system battery

  • Monday, 09 January 2023
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Energy storage system battery choose usonic,usonic is a professional energy storage system manufacturer for new clean energy equipment.


Usonic Bess Energy Storage System Products Include:Liquid Cooled Containerized Energy Storage System 3.44Mwh, Air Cooled Containerized Energy Storage System 3.584Mwh,Battery Prismatic Cell 300Ah 0 Loss,Battery Prismatic Cell 280Ah,Battery Prismatic Cell 50Ah,etc.

Usonic Energy Storage System has the following specifications:

Usonic New Bess Battery Prismatic Cell 300Ah 0 Loss For Containerized Bess Of Power Grid Description:

1.Battery Cell: 300AH

2.For Containerized BESS of Power Grid

3.Energy density: ≥170Wh/kg

4.Energy efficiency ≥ 95% (under constant 0.5p of power) Cycle life 12,000cls

5.Operating temperature: -30℃~60℃

6.Efficient, Safe, Long Lasting, Cost Minimizing

7.No fire, no explosion under nail penetration and crush test

8.Multi-Level Protection Certificate: UN38.3, GB, ROHS, REACH, IEC62619, UL9540A, UL1973, JIS8715.2

9.Operating temperature: '-30℃~60℃ Rated Voltage: 3.2V Dimension (L*W*H): 71*173*207mm


Energy storage system battery choose our cooperation five reasons:

1.R&D: We are engineer base team. More than 30% team members from engineers. We are continuing to develop the new products for the world base on our mission. It is a power of self-driven. At the same time, we offer the customization service. We are limited by alone, but together we can make difference. To protect the earth, all the talent are needed to be collected. We can customization your own LOGO, your own case, your unique UI for the APP, and your OCPP connection and the whole machine. All the technology support can be provided by our teams!

2.Manufacturing: To offer you the best service of OEM & ODM and match our mission, we built the 3 production lines with high production capacity. Our workshop area is 8,000 square meters. The production capacity is 30,000 units EV Chargers per month and 45GWh energy storage system per year.

3.Quality: Quality is our business. High quality is always our top priority. We pass and strictly follow the rules of ISO9001 quality management system. Every single units were passed the functional test and age test. They will only be shipped to you after 100% good on quality.

4.Cost down: To protect our mutual hometown by more people can use the clean energy, we are committed to cost down by focusing on optimizing the design.

5.Service: We offer the service of 7 plus 24. Please contact with us for any question. We warmly welcome all the communication of Inquiry on price, customization, technology…

As the booming of new clean energy market, our business is growing fast, we sincerely invite you come to joint us to share the happiness of fast growing.


Energy storage system battery manufacturers and suppliers, please contact usonic energy.

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