• White and Red led lights
  • White and Red led lights
  • White and Red led lights
  • White and Red led lights
  • White and Red led lights
  • White and Red led lights
  • White and Red led lights

White and Red led lights

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Specification for White / Red led lights fixture

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Schematic diagram of white light:

Schematic diagram of glowing red:

Technical Specification

Input Voltage: 277Vac~ 480Vac

Input Frequency Range: 47Hz~63Hz

Input Power: White 150W / Red 90W

No Load Power: 1.5W

Rated O/P Voltage: 36V~56V

Rated O/P Current: 4.2A for 36V, 2.7A for 56V

IP Grade: IP65

Warranty: 5 years

LM For White LED lights: 22500

LM For Red LED lights: 2000(Dimming)

Color temperature For White LED lights: 5000k

Dimension White / Red led lights: Ф305mm*105mm

Dimension White led lights: Ф305mm*105mm

Short Circuit Protection: Driver will not be damaged, Constant current mode

Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Operation Humidity: 10%RH~90%RH

Storage Humidity: 5%RH~95%RH

Power cord length: 6 ft

hot wire colors: brown orange or yellow

neutral colors: gray

Listed: UL

DLC: Our fixture compliant with DLC standards

Driver: SS-150SA Series LED Driver

Save Power and Save money

The INPUT POWER: 150W for White LED / 90W for Red LED

When turn the White LED to Red LED, It will save 150w-90w=60w

If turn to Red LED on 21:00 at night, turn to White LED on 6:00 am. The time is 21:00-6:00 = 9 hours

One single Fixture will save power 9*60w=540w/fixture/day

1,000 Fixtures will save power 1000*540w=540kw/farm/day

They will save power for 1 year 365*540kw=197,100 kw/farm

They will save power for 5 year 5*197,100=985,500 kw/farm

The saved power turn to money is 985,500*0.12=$118,260

Good sleep for Cows

The Study shows that the red light at night will make cow calm down and good sleep to make more volume milk.

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